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  • Developer: da Vinci Systems
  • Genre: Video Editing, Color Correction Software
  • Version: 17.3.1
User Rating: Rating 4.84

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Release Date
da Vinci Systems
Blackmagic Design
Video Editing, Color Correction Software
Windows PC


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Free DaVinci Resolve for Windows PC

Emrys Lynn

DaVinci Resolve is a powerful video and audio editing application that is designed for professional use. It’s an alternative to other professional applications such as Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro. It’s designed to simplify editing and color correction workflows. Software product is available for Mac, Windows, costs $299. Is a professional non-linear video editing software download DavVnci resolve free that is used by professional editors to edit films and videos. It’s developed marketed by Blackmagic Design.


Interface of software product is very intuitive easy to use. It’s designed to provide a professional experience for users, this is why it’s so easy to use. Interface is very clean and everything is designed to be simple. Interface is designed with the professional editor in mind. Interface of app DaVinci Resolve install is made in form of two panels with their own tabs. User can access the work panel or project panel by clicking on the corresponding tab.

The work panel is the one that contains all the tools for color correction, while the project panel is one that was used for editing. Has a clean and intuitive interface DaVinci Resolve free download and is has a logical layout and structure. Interface is easy to navigate and everything is where it should be. Interface consists of three panels: project panel, user interface panel, timeline panel. The project panel displays all the clips, projects, and bins in the current project. Interface panel displays tools that are currently selected. Timeline panel displays timeline, which is the timeline of the current project.


Usability of software product download DaVinci Resolve is really good. Editing and color correction workflows are simplified and application is designed to be easy to use. It has a very simple and user-friendly interface that is easy for any novice to learn. Interface is clean and intuitive and it’s easy to find the buttons and other elements that you need to use. In addition, there are a variety of different software tools features that make software product easy to use and improves quality of your work.


Functionality of free DaVinci Resolve is really good. Application is designed for professional use, so it has all features that are necessary. Application provides a lot of options for editing, color correction, audio. Application features the ability to work in multiple formats which is very good for professional editors. It has a variety of top-notch features and tools that you can use to create a great video or film. Application DaVinci Resolve laptop is full of powerful editing tools, video effects, video transitions that provide you with the tools that you need to create a high-quality video or film that will impress viewers.


Support is really good in DaVinci Resolve download free. There are in-app tutorials in the application that are helpful in understanding software. There is also a knowledge base that is helpful in understanding the application. This knowledge base is also very easy to use. There is an email address that you can send your questions to. Support for the DaVinci Resolve application is very good.

In addition to the software having a lot of tutorials and video tutorials to help you get started with the application, application also has a community forum where you can get help from other members of the community. In addition, you can get a lot of help from a professional editor for a fee. Software offers a lot of support. There are a lot of tutorials and a lot of videos. There is a forum on the website where people can ask for help with their videos.


  • Is Davinci Resolve Mac 11 ready for use?
    No, at this time it’s not ready for use.

  • What platforms is install DaVinci Resolve 11 available on?
    It is currently only available on the DaVinci Resolve platform.

  • Is DaVinci Resolve 11 free?
    No, at this time is not free.

  • Is software designed for use on the Apple Mac OS X operating system?
    Yes, can be used on Apple Mac OS X.


DaVinci Resolve is an excellent video editing application that is professional in design.Interface is simple and clean and is designed for the professional editor. The app is available for both Mac and Windows and costs $299. The application is easy to use has a clean, intuitive interface with powerful editing tools and video effects. The application DaVinci Resolve Windows is a great video editing software. It’s easy to use and offers a lot of functionality. It’s available on a paid-for basis, which makes it a good option for people who want to invest in a video editing software.


  • Easy to use;
  • Affordable;
  • Adjusts to any type of screen.


  • Only works on Mac;
  • Only has a few presets;
  • Lacks some basic tools.

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